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Out of Ice

Out of Ice is a series of short films and an art installation, produced whilst working with artist Elizabeth Ogilvie. This involved producing short documentary films, shot on location in Greenland, about the melting polar ice.

The films are constructed from interviews conducted with Inuit from the town of Ilulissat and intercut with environmental footage shot from a variety locations, such as from a boat in amongst the icebergs, at the edge of the sea ice and on the polar ice cap.

The films were exhibited as part of a major exhibition at the P3 Gallery, which is part of Westminster University, London.



Le Sirenuse

Le Sirenuse was produced in collaboration with Carrie Fertig, Alistair MacDonald and Stuart Brown and was the result of a residency at Lyth Art Centre in Caithness, Scotland.

Le Sirenuse is Italian for both mythological sirens and a specific location of islands in Italy where they were said to have lived and lured men to their death.

This trailer is the first scene.

Carrie Fertig - www.carriefertig.com

Alistair MacDonald - www.alistairmacdonald.co.uk

Stuart Brown - www.stu-brown.com 


Aerial Roots

Aerial Roots is a film by Su Grierson & Rob Page bringing together archive and contemporary footage.

A visual and creative way of looking at the changes from the last 70 years. Underlying the changes, the farming workforce are still enacting the same routines of continuity like cutting grain, tilling soil or tending beasts and above all, this is still the means by which we as a nation are fed.

Commissioned by the Scottish Screen Archive Live Award.



Cultural Quarter

Cultural Quarter  presents the relationships of observation in the city to its citizens, whilst begging ethical questions about surveillance, the gaze and human behaviour. It exposes some of the gaps between developers’ dreams and citizens' perceptions of what cultural space means and how to use it.

The film casts a precise and pertinent eye on a daily urban reality in an unspecified British suburb. Presenting a fine balance between reality and its representation, the film's subtly edited movements shift its perspective back and forth between reportage and a form of social voyeurism. The work questions how ideas about “them and us”, social coherence, family and community ethics are constructed.

The film was produced in collaboration with Mike Stubbs and Pernille Spence.


Sphinx Award for the best single-channel work, Videomedeja, 9th International Video Festival, Serbia and Montenegro, 2005

No Budget Award, Hamburg International Short Film festival, 2004

Second Prize, International Competition, Videoex 2004 festival, Zurich

Tom Finkelpearl and Barbara London Prizes, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Japan, 2003




ropa (trajectoire fluide)

Kitsou Dubois has been developing a process of experimental movement performed in an environment of altered gravity conditions. She intervenes in the domain of art and science, creating an insight into the rapport between humans and their environment. In 1999,

The Arts Catalyst initiated a long-term collaboration between Dr Dubois and the Biodynamics research group at Imperial College to investigate the control of the bodies in altered states of gravity, including weightlessness.

This film was edited by Pernille Spence, with Rob Page as assistant editor.