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Dundee Contemporary Arts. Artist Interpretation Interviews

Since 2001, Schedule has been producing the interpretation films for DCA, which are used as part of the education programme.

These films are intended to improve the knowledge and understanding of the exhibitions of the gallery visitors and consist of an interview with the artist(s) and/or curator of the exhibition, which is conducted in the gallery.


Richard Walker. Glasgow School of Art Exhibitions

Schedule D regularly produces the exhibition interpretation material for the Exhibitions Department at GSA.

This one of Richard Walkers exhibition, Studio paintings.


Georgina Starr. Before Le Cerveau Affamé

The Cooper Gallery is proud to present Before Le Cerveau Affamé, a space for metaphysical transformation, by Georgina Starr, one of the most original and distinctive British artists celebrated internationally since the 1990s for her magically complex and multi-layered works.

Developed especially for the Cooper Gallery’s unique architectural setting, Starr offers a glimpse into ‘Le Cerveau’ and introduces us to its main motifs, the four suits of ‘The Brain’, ‘The Bubble’, ‘The Cat’ and ‘The Hand’.

Schedule D filmed the Opening Ceremony performance of Georgina Starr's exhibition, 'Before Le Cerveau Affame' at Cooper Gallery in Dundee on 10th October 2013. Curated by Sophia Yadong Hao.

Studio Jamming: Artists' Collaborations in Scotland. Cooper Gallery, DoJCAD

Studio Jamming: Artists' Collaborations in Scotland, is an exhibition as part of GENERATION, a major, nation-wide exhibition programme showcasing some of the best and most significant art to have emerged from Scotland over a period of 25 years and is part of the Glasgow 2014 Culture Programme. 

Taking its cue from the live improvised excitement of musical jamming, this was the first discursive survey to foreground the grassroots character of artists’ collaboration that has contributed to the remarkable achievements of contemporary art in Scotland. 

Adopting a diverse curatorial approach the project is comprised of exhibitions, a dynamic event series and a , culminating in a 12-hour Jamming Symposium.

Schedule D provided the documentation of this 12-hour performance/exhibition.